Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Parallel "the wet wood hissed in the flames" 75 "a faint smell of woodsmoke in the air" 79
Contrast "he bent over and kissed him on his gritty brow" 82 "There's no one to see. Do you want to die? Is that what you want?" 85 he went from being loving to pretty mean
Woodsmoke is mentioned a lot throughout these pages and I was wondering why.
Did the boy actually see a little kid?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Picture 17 analysis

In the picture Agatha is holding on to Anderton and is shorter than him to show that Anderton is the powerful person. They are both wearing black clothes and are surrounded by artificial light.  It is a medium shot that is showing two people.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Summer reading

1.  He has control over most of his fate in the play. He is told that he is going to marry his mom but he still decides to marry. He had the choice to kill his father. He did not have to kill every person in the caravan.
2. Oedipus is a good king because he cares more for his country than he does himself. He is willing to   give up leadership to save his people. A problem with him though is that he does not think he is ever wrong.
3. His biggest mistake is that he can solve almost any problem except that he could not figure out that when he was marrying Jocasta he was marrying his mom. He was told his fate but instead of being smart he married his mom without any thought. He was told that he would murder his father but couldn't figure out that the person he murded was his dad. He can solve everyone elses problems but not his own.
4. Minority Report is different because even though Anderton made a choice. He was told that he was going to kill that person but instead he began to arrest him. It showed that Anderton was in control of his actions not fate. Pre crime was supposed to prevent murder but in order to keep it Lamar had to murder someone.
5. The precogs eyes were used to show murders that were going to happen in the future. Andertons eyes were used to show what was actually going on. The viewers eyes are used to watch and analyze the film.
6. The movie was made in 2002 because of 9/11. It was about civil liberties. The message of the film is that people should not give up their rights for protection. The government is already trying to convince people to give up their rights for more protections. The use terrorist attacks to try and persuade people that they are not safe. The government already wants to spy on everything people do on the internet even though that is obviously a violation of our right to privacy.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Ten movies

The usual suspects
The kid with a bike
The gaurdians
The lion king
The avengers
Saving private Ryan
Sin city